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Vastu is a science of direction, shapes and position of the place and surrounding in which we live in. It takes care of the health and happiness of the individual. This is the result oriented field to assure harmony with the universal rythm of creation resulting in health, wealth, prosperity, wisdom, by adjusting the things around us to our benefit. The five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky govern our life. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which is called structural science which lays down certain astrological rules and regulations. The recommendations are based on certain rules perfected over hundreds of years by our great sayers. It takes into consideration factors like profession, age, marital status, children, etc of the occupants. Buildings and apartments with appropriate Vastu provide health, happiness and prosperity where as negative Vastu will have losses in health, Ill-repute, hurdles etc. Improve your health, wealth, luck by observing the following suggestions of Vastu : For Home or Factory : - The gate of your house/factory should be in the East, North East or North direction. - The gate of your house/factory should not face any religious place, especially a temple. - No shade of religious place should fall on your house - In the house the place of worship should be on North East or Eastern corner - Never make your kitchen towards North East nor it should be in front of or next to toilet. - Keep your store for costly goods or money in the North East side in your house. For Factory or Shop : - Factory plot should always be rectangular or sqaure in shape. - Borewell or Tubewell should be in the North East direction only. - The transformer, electric supply and instruments should be in the South East direction. Important suggestions on these Vastu points are provided : FOR CORPORATE OR PRIVATE OFFICES : 1. Shape of the plot, Building and offices 2. Main Entrance of the site 3. Door View 4. Location of the Master Cabin, CEO and a key staff 5. Place of Financial Department 6. Staff placement & orientations 7. Location & arrangements of conference room 8. Direction of the Owner/Staff 9. Direction of the Marketing activities/Display 10. Colours for interior & exterior of the office 11. Direction of the AC, Electrical mains, Coolers etc 12. Direction of Pantry, Canteen 13. Placement of Toilets 14. Direction of windows 15. Location of Higher zone/lower zone 16.Location of Dry zone/Wet zone 17. Placement of various office gadgets like computer, fax, server etc FOR RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS : 1. Location of the Entrance 2. Location of the prayer zone 3. Surrounding of the home 4. Shape of the House 5. Location of the Mater Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, Guest room 6. Location of the kitchen and internal arrangement 7. Location of the Electronic gadgets like Computer, T V, Heaters etc 8. Direction of the Toilets 9. Colours for the Interior 10. Direction of lower/higher zone 11. Internal arrangement of each room 12.Location of staircase in case of independant home 13.Garden & plantation 14.Shape of the furniture 15. Paintings & home decor 16. Energizing a home for peace and prosperity

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