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You may ask questions pertaining to any areas/problems of your life. A few examples of problematic areas are – career/profession, education, marriage, children, property, foreign travel, health, wealth, vehicles, court cases, etc. Each of these astrology readings, based on the horoscope by date of birth, place and time of birth that illumines zodiac signs, is highly personalized and is based on painstaking, scientific, thorough analysis of all possible aspects for each individual. The emphasis is on the quality of interpretations. The role of the knowledge, experience, and expertise of the individual astrologer is supreme. And above all else is Divine Grace and Will. Some of the queries most sought after by readers are : “When is my chance of the next promotion due?” “Will I get the increment this year?” “Will I secure a higher paying job?” “When will I marry?” “When will I have a child” “Will I get divorced and remarry?” “Will I go abroad to study or work”? “How will my future spouse be” “Will I buy a home this year?”.

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