Pythagoras Numerology

Pythagoras was born on the island of Samos, in the 6th century BC. Little is known about the early part of his life. He traveled extensively throughout Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East and probably lived and studied for some time in Egypt. He later established a school on Kroton, in Southern Italy, where he taught Mathematics, Astronomy, and Music.

Pythagoras; The Father of Western Numerology. As a teacher, he was respected and feared. Many people considered him dangerous. In an attempt to safeguard his school, his students were sworn to secrecy and were not allowed to write anything down.

He is most often associated with the theorem in his name.

Certainly, he is held in the highest regard as one of the preeminent mathematicians of all time. However, it was his passion for learning, for truth, and for the discovery of grace and harmony in all aspects of life that sets him apart from other philosophers
It is believed that Pythagoras lived to be almost a hundred years old. He died when his school was attacked and burned to the ground.
The Pythagorean system, is among the most enduring and popular of all self-help methods ever created.Pythagorean numerology was organized by Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who combined the mathematical disciplines of the Arabic, Druid, Phoenician, Egyptian, and Essene sciences. Since then, it has continued to evolve. The Pythagorean system is today the most commonly used system of numerology in the West.
Pythagorean Numerology, or "Modern Numerology," as it's often called, is used in the majority of cases. Pythagorean Numerology is very popular because it's easier to learn how to translate letters into numbers, and to master their meanings. The name, when analyzed under Pythagorean Numerology, gives a psycho­logical bent to what motivates you, what you best ex­press naturally, as well as the impression you're likely to make on others. Thus, Pythagorean Numerology method defines the natural talents, abilities, and tools that you were given at birth. This is why using the full name at birth is very important under this Pythagorean Numerology system.
The science of Pythagorean Numerology begins with five primary numbers: two that can be derived from your birthday, and three that come from your name. These numbers, offer us insight into who we are and how we can improve our lives in Pythagorean Numerology. :

1.     Life Path Number – Derived from date of birth, month and year
2.     Expression Number – Derived from complete name
3.     Birth Number – Derived from date of birth
4.     Heart Desire Number – Derived from vowels of name
5.     Personality Number – Derived from consonants of name

-      Challenge Number depicts the hurdles in life we must develop means of overcoming
-      Pinnacles depict describing the major stages of life
-      Personal Year depicts showing how our lives will flow in the coming year

Usually people want to know if they are compatible with other people, family, lovers, coworkers etc. A precise Pythagorean Numerology calculation can analyze if a person is in harmony with others.
This numerical knowledge is specifically formulated through the study of numerology and anyone who is interested in the inner nature of things would be well advised to study it, or at least to get their numerology explained to them by a skilled numerologist. Numerologists describe our lives in terms of
These are the key factors in Numerology and help to explain our lives, loves and destinies through the power of Number.