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This business partnership astrology is the most accurate report to determine the fortune and good prospects about two or more people while associating for new ventures or projects. Business growth mainly depends upon the strategic ideas of existing business partners to run smoothly and for better results. When people work together on a project or starting new business, it involves working of their fortunes. If horoscope of existing partners is compatible to each other then that partnership stands for long term and business will prosper by leaps and bounds. If horoscope of each existing partners are not compatible and not appropriate for that particular projects it will not give good results and many obstacles occurred during entire period. With the help of business partnership analysis we will find out. It can be analysed astrologically : 1. Characteristics of each partner 2. Temperament compatibility to each other 3. General Luck of each partner 4. Chances of success how much and when? 5. If any chances of cheating and fraud in partnership? 6. If any chances of working together on a long-term basis 7. Whether business partnership suits all partners at the same time 8. The overall compatibility

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